PI StarsMaps is PDF sky atlas accessible for free download.

Maps are suitaible for A3, A4 printing.

Atlas is generated with PI StarsMaps API, .NET library (still in developing for better functions).

What is new in R2 release (Feb. 2020) ?
  • Added constellation shapes and its boundaries:
  • Several color profiles for generation:
  • Better solved coordinates:
  • Double star indication:
  • Added Galaxy symbol:
  • Added some labels:
  • Into chart added title and legend:
  • Added cross map reference to every map:
  • Added segmented overview map index:
  • Added overview rectangular map index:
  • Added constellation map index:
  • Application with generator:

  • I want release a new release every one, two months.

    Scheduled areas for next development:
    • Add more labels.
    • Add more deep sky objects.
    • More variants for in every release.