Langeage Echolot - program information

Language Echolot is a compact application designed to help you learn a foreign language by viewing the words and their translation on the desktop. The program includes a dictionary editor that allows you to create your own dictionary. The application runs in the background and you can access it from the tray icon in order to display a new word.

What is new ?:  Some small corrections.

Do you know ?

Question ..that when you install this product on yours working computer (with standard delay 5 minutes between
words), you can repeat about 100 words every day ?

How it works ?
  1. Use existing dictionary (.dic) – or create your with “Language Echolot Editor”.
  2. Run application. Application is running on the background and is activated once every 5 minutes (default value).
  3. Application is shown -> “Do you know this word ?
  4. 4. a) YES -> right translation is showed. Application waiting (default) 5 second. You can tell to application, that you really didn’t know this word.
  5. 5. b) NO-> right translation is showed. Application waiting (default) 5 second.
  6. 6. Application is minimized and is activated with the other word in 5 minutes again.

Other features:
  1. Editor tool for own dictionaries.
  2. Good response is recorded and examined are only words with learn problem.
  3. Graphical interface (GUI).
  4. Editor with load/save support, Excel paste support.
  5. Data import/export/saving into image.
  6. Global settings.
  7. Model and data printing with print preview support.
  8. User guide and basic step-by-step tutorial (*.pdf).
  9. Only for 4.99 Euro (free trial with 10 words limit).

You can download it on Download page. More application screenshots are here.